Your Limited Company and HMRC: Let them know

limited companyA UK limited company has various filing obligations with both Companies House and HMRC. The Companies House obligations (annual returns and accounts) are easy to keep on top of as the due dates can be easily viewed from the Companies House webcheck (and our company admin portal). HMRC obligations are not so clear-cut.

What you file with HMRC depends upon your company’s trading status (dormant or trading). HMRC used to send our the CT41G letter to new companies, this letter clearly set out what dormant companies needed to do and what trading companies needed to do. However, they stopped sending this letter last year. HMRC still send out a letter shortly after incorporation (roughly three weeks) but there are no clearly defined instructions for dormant companies.

Therefore we recommend that you keep HMRC notified along every step of the way. Even if your company is to remain dormant after incorporation, write to HMRC and notify them of this (and obviously notify them as soon as you start trading).

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