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Everything you need to know about the Companies House WebFiling Authentication Code

The WebFiling Authentication Code is a 6 alphanumeric code allocated by Companies House upon company formation. The code allows you to administer your company online through our system and Companies House’s own WebFiling system.

Every limited company that is formed by us is allocated a WebFiling Authentication Code. To locate your company’s code:

  • Login
  • Select ‘My Companies’
  • Click on the relevant company name
  • The code will be found next to ‘WebFiling Authentication Code’, the fourth field down

Who should I give the code to?

The code is the online equivalent of a Director’s signature so it should be distributed with care. We recommend only giving it to people with responsibility within the company.

Can I change the code?

Yes. To do this:

  • Login (or register if you’re not yet registered) to Companies House WebFiling
  • Enter the Company Number and the existing code
  • Select ‘Company authentication’
  • Enter then re-enter a new 6 character code and select ‘Change code’

You will then need to change it on our system. To do this:

  • Login
  • Select ‘My Companies’
  • Click on the relevant company name
  • Next to ‘WebFiling Authentication Code’ select ‘Update Code’
  • Enter the new code and select ‘Change’

Can the code change without my, or another code holder’s permission?

Yes. The code will change if:

  • Companies House mail sent to the registered office is continuously returned to sender
  • The code is entered incorrectly on WebFiling 3 times

What if I lose the code or it’s been changed and I don’t know the new one?

You can request that Companies House resend the code to you. To do this:

  • Login to Companies House WebFiling
  • Select ‘Request an authentication code’
  • Select the correct country of registration, enter the company number and click ‘continue’
  • On the following page select ‘Request code’

The code will then be mailed (not emailed) to the registered office address.

This method also works for registering a company for WebFiling if it is not yet registered.

What if I have requested a new code but don’t have access to the Registered Office anymore?

You should change the registered office to one that you do have access to via the ‘AD01 Change of registered office address’ document. Once Companies House have accepted the change you can request the code again.

If you no longer have access to the registered office and your company has signed up for PROOF (this is a security measure which stops Companies House from accepting paper documents for your company), we recommend that you email [email protected] and explain the situation.

If you still have any questions regarding the WebFiling Authentication Code let us know in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.

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