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Are Napoleon’s comments about the English still relevant in today’s business climate?


According to sources, Napoleon once said “L’Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers” – “England is a nation of shopkeepers”. 

Whilst the number of shops on the average UK high street has certainly diminished greatly, we may well still be a nation of entrepreneurs. Continue reading


Searching for companies just got a whole lot simpler


If you’re someone who manages multiple limited companies, such as an accountant, you might find yourself struggling to navigate your way around all of them. Thankfully, your Company Formation MadeSimple account displays them all in an easy to view list. Continue reading


Importing Limited Companies on to Companies Made Simple


Importing companies on to our system is simple

Our Company Formation system allows you to import companies on to it that weren’t formed by us, for free.

Why would I do that?

This allows you, from one login, to carry out multiple admin tasks for limited companies, such as:

  • Change the registered office
  • Add shares
  • Download share certificates
  • Appoint / resign / edit officers
  • File annual returns (for £13 – the same fee that Companies House charge)
  • Keep track of annual return and annual account due dates

How do I import a company?

  1. Login to Companies Made Simple
  2. Select ‘Import Company’
  3. Enter the company number and authentication code, then select “Import Company”

How do I transfer a company from one account to another?

Our system does not allow more than one account to hold a company. If you do try and import a company that is already on our system, you will receive this message:

But what if I don’t know the account holder?

No problem. Simply send an email to the above email address (subject: “company transfer request”) with the below information:

  • Your name
  • Your account email address
  • A brief explanation of what you want us to do
  • The webfiling authentication code for the company that you wish to have under your account

We’ll then take care of the rest.

Do you have any questions regarding any of these processes? Leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.

This post was by Mathew Aitken at MadeSimpleFind Mathew on Google+

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Guide to your Free Business Start Up Toolkit


Your Start Up Toolkit

Starting your own company is a very exciting time; however it can be confusing deciding where to turn first. The free Business Start Up Tool Kit is designed to help you make those first tentative turns. Here is a brief rundown of:

• What’s included in the Business Start Up Toolkit

• How the products delivered to you

• How you can make the most of each product

Free Fast-track Barclays Business Bank Account with £50 cashback

How is it delivered?

Once you have purchased your chosen package you will be presented with our bank screen. If you click on the Barclays option you will be prompted to enter in your personal contact details. This information will be sent over to Barclays who will be in contact (in 2-3 working days) to set up a meeting. This service is available to UK customers only.

How can you make the most of it?

Once the account has been set up, you can claim the cashback by referring back to our website and clicking on the Barclays icon at the right hand side of the homepage. Click on the tab starting ‘Already opened your account?’ – you can then claim the cashback. Continue reading


Do I need to use an Accountant yet?


While there is no legal requirement for limited companies to employ an accountant to look after their affairs, there are a number of reasons why the vast majority of limited company owners opt to use accountants instead of taking charge of their own record keeping and tax affairs.

An accountant can be relied upon to add considerable value to your business; preventing errors, ensuring accurate year-end statutory accounts and reviewing potential tax savings.

So what are the biggest advantages of putting your faith in an accountant to take care of your firm’s financial duties?

Accurate record keeping

Engaging an accountant to take care of bookkeeping isn’t always viable for small firms, but as your business grows you may have the budget to sign up with a local accountant to take charge of the more complicated tasks. Continue reading