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Guide to your Free Business Start Up Toolkit


Your Start Up Toolkit

Starting your own company is a very exciting time; however it can be confusing deciding where to turn first. The free Business Start Up Tool Kit is designed to help you make those first tentative turns. Here is a brief rundown of:

• What’s included in the Business Start Up Toolkit

• How the products delivered to you

• How you can make the most of each product

Free Fast-track Barclays Business Bank Account with £50 cashback

How is it delivered?

Once you have purchased your chosen package you will be presented with our bank screen. If you click on the Barclays option you will be prompted to enter in your personal contact details. This information will be sent over to Barclays who will be in contact (in 2-3 working days) to set up a meeting. This service is available to UK customers only.

How can you make the most of it?

Once the account has been set up, you can claim the cashback by referring back to our website and clicking on the Barclays icon at the right hand side of the homepage. Click on the tab starting ‘Already opened your account?’ – you can then claim the cashback. Continue reading


Form a company and then register a domain, just like Tangofolly!


Company Formation and Domain Registration

It’s quite incredible that 1 in 4 businesses don’t secure their domain name at the same time as registering their limited company. What if you form the company only to find the domain name is unavailable, or vice-versa? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Fortunately Rita Horne, director of Tangofolly, didn’t make that mistake. Earlier in the year, when Rita decided to turn her passion for Argentine Tango into a business, she took advantage of our relationship with

This meant that straight after forming the company Rita was able to register a free domain name, a domain name that has resulted in an immediately successful website – having launched the site only two months ago, already has over 300 members! Continue reading