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I’ve just formed a company, how do I get my UTR (Unique Tax Reference)?


Cosec: A Powerful Management Tool Synced With Companies House

The UTR is a 10-digit number unique to your company that’s issued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). HMRC are notified once as your company has been formed, they’ll then mail (regular mail, not email) your company’s UTR to the Registered Office normally within a few weeks of incorporation. You need not do anything, this all happens automatically once your company has been formed. Continue reading


The Autumn Statement – Things you need to know


The Autumn Statement - Things you need to know

Here at MadeSimple we like to keep on top of important developments within the world of startups and inform you of them as and when they happen. So in light of yesterday’s Autumn Statement we thought we would give you the key points – and how small businesses will stand to benefit. Continue reading


File your annual return with us for £13 – the same price as Companies House. Find out how!


How to fill an annual return

Filing an annual return is one of the most important parts of running a good business. Not only is it important, but it is essential and indeed compulsory to file one – even for dormant companies There is no getting around it, you are going to have to file a return – luckily with the professional annual return service from Company Formation MadeSimple it’s very simple and reliable. Continue reading


How do I renew my Companies Made Simple Service?


How do I renew my Companies Made Simple services? Find out in this blog post.

Companies Made Simple offer a range of services that are renewable after one year:

Company Formation Packages

Privacy Package – £59.99 plus VAT

What exactly is being renewed? The Registered Office and Service address services.

Comprehensive / Ultimate Package – £99.99 plus VAT

What exactly is being renewed? The Registered Office service, Service address service, Maintenance of Statutory Books service and Annual Return service. Continue reading


What is a P11D and why do I complete it?


When and why do you need to complete the P11D document?

A P11D is a form that is completed at the end of the Tax year to record expenses and benefits that have been provided to your employees (or to you as a director). You must complete the P11D form for each employee that has received expenses and/or benefits during the tax year. In addition, you must also complete another form – a P11D(b) – to declare the overall amount of class 1 NICs (national insurance contributions) owed for all expenses and benefits paid.

These forms must be submitted to HMRC by July 6th so if you haven’t completed yours yet, you can complete the forms electronically here or, alternatively, you can manually complete and post the forms to HMRC. Your payment of the class 1 NICs owed to HMRC is due by 22nd July or 19th July if you are sending payment by cheque.

Top tip: don’t get confused with a P9D form – these are only to be completed when the employee’s earnings are below £8500 a year.

For further guidance on completing these forms, we recommend speaking with your accountant or a financial advisor. You can also find more information on HMRC’s website.

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