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How to use your online admin portal



After you’ve formed your company with us it’s automatically placed on our post company formation admin portal. From here you can view and update various company information, including registered office and director information. In this post we’re going to demonstrate how you can take full advantage of the online admin portal. Continue reading


Changing your Registered Office without the Webfiling Authentication Code


You can still update your Registered Office without the Webfiling Authentication Code

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now manage all your company filing (officer appointments, annual returns, updating the registered office and much more) online. This is all enabled by a code known as the Webfiling Authentication Code (WAC) that is provided straight after a company has been formed.

If you formed your company with us, the Webfiling Authentication Code can be found on your company admin page (Login > ‘My Companies’ > Click on your company name)

Does the code expire?

It can do; Companies House will expire your current code if you file a paper document with them. Here’s where problems can occur… Continue reading