Do I need to live at or trade from the Registered Office?


The Registered Office Address

No you do not.

The Registered Office can be any address:

• In the UK that you have permission to use
• That you are contactable at via mail

Our very own Registered Office Service meets the two (well three) criteria set out above:

• It’s in the UK and once purchased you have our permission to use it
• We’ll forward on any government mail to an address of your choosing, for free

To flip the question on its head, a Registered Office can be a residential and trading address just as long as you have the landlord’s permission. It’s also worth remembering that the Registered Office is on the public register, something to consider if you are using your residential address.

Any questions? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Mathew Aitken

is Head of Content at Made Simple Group. This entails overseeing MadeSimple’s blogs (five in all!) and any other content we happen to be producing. In his spare time Mathew is an avid film-goer, TV-watcher and Tottenham Hotspur-endurer.
Mathew Aitken says:

Hi David,

Changing the registered office is extremely simple (and the process of changing it is free). You can do this a number of ways:

– File the AD01 document directly with Companies House (

– Register here ( > Select “Import Company” > Enter your company number & authentication code > Select “My Companies” & click on your company name > Select “Update” next to “Registered Office” and enter the address

I hope that helps. Please let me know if we can assist any further.

Kind Regards

david greenaway says:

I will be representing an italian company planning to expand their busines in the UK by registration of a UK ltd. company. Although they have not registered the company as yet, they have rented a serviced office from 1st November 2013. They may need to move location within the next few months so is it advisable for them to use this office address as the company’s registered address in the UK.
Can you tell me if it is an easy matter, and are there costs involved in changing a registered company address.