Reserve a Company

These services are for customers who have already purchased their Reserve a Company Name service and are looking to either renew their package or transfer the company over to their administration.

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reserve a company name renewal

Annual Renewal

If you want to keep the reserved name after the first year you can renew it by paying the Annual Renewal Fee. The Annual Renewal fee includes:

  • Filing Dormant Company Accounts and the Confirmation Statement
  • Dealing with the company's HMRC obligations

Annual Renewal

This renewal applies only to the Reserve a Company Name service.


IMPORTANT: The Confirmation Statement will not be filed unless the Annual Renewal fee is paid. Failure to renew may result in the company being struck off the register and the reserved name being lost.

Transfer Fee

If you decide that you want to trade using the reserved company, we can transfer the company to you. You will need to pay the Company Transfer Fee.

Company Transfer Fee

You will need to appoint officers of the company and shareholders and you will be responsible for the administration of the company.


IMPORTANT: If the Annual Renewal fee is overdue when you ask for the company to be transferred, the Annual Renewal fee must be paid in full for the transfer to take place. The transfer is effective immediately – you cannot specify a future transfer date.

Reserve a Company Name FAQs

What happens if I no longer want the reserved name?

Just let us know and we will take ownership of the company and deal with it for you.

Why do I need to have LTD or Limited at the end of the name?

It needs to be a Ltd company for us to be able to register it at Companies House and reserve the name.

Why can't I access my company details from my online account?

While the company is reserved for you it is 'locked'. This means you will only be able to see the basic information for the company and will not be able to make any changes to it.

When I've purchased the transfer, can I have two shareholders?

Yes - however only 1 new shareholder is required at the transfer stage, then afterwards you can issue more share/s to further shareholders.

Once the company has been transferred over, how long does it take for me to be fully in control of the company?

Once you have purchased the transfer service, our nominee appointments will be resigned within 24 hours. You can either complete the document attached in the purchase confirmation email and send it through to us to do the transfer, or you can log in to your management portal to appoint your new company officers yourself. You will also be required to update your registered office to another address unless you purchase the registered office service from us.

Important: Please note that failure to appoint your own company officers will result in your company being in default with Companies House and they may therefore strike your company from the register.

The transfers have been done, why am I not the shareholder?

When the transfer is done, we send you a completed J30 form (stock transfer form). This is a legal document that states the share held by our nominee has now been transferred to you. The shareholder information will only update on the online register once the confirmation statement is filed.


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