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Adding shares to your company after it has been formed

When forming a limited company you need to choose how many shares to allocate to your shareholders. The number of shares that you allocate multiplied by the value of these shares makes up the company’s share capital. It’s very easy … Continue reading → Read more...

Sole Trader or Limited Company – How will your Business Hatch?

Got a great business idea and now ready to crack on? Eggcellent, eggciting, eggcetera. Now you need to decide what legal structure to proceed with. In this blog post we are going to look at two of the most popular … Continue reading → Read more...

What’s the difference between Subscribers and Shareholders?

Ever wondered what the difference between a limited company subscriber and a limited company shareholder is? Watch team member Sinead’s explanation below! Brought to you by Mathew Aitken at … For the start-up onwards. We provide services that make business … Continue reading → Read more...

What post will you forward on with my service?

We offer a whole range of postage services. Because of this, it’s important that you know exactly what mail is included in each service. Let’s get started: Registered Office The registered office service is included in our Privacy, Comprehensive and … Continue reading → Read more...

3 Reasons Why Company Formation Applications Get Rejected

Forming a limited company is extremely simple. However, sometimes applications are rejected by Companies House (don’t worry; if you are forming with us you can resubmit the application for no extra charge). Here are 3 of the most common reasons … Continue reading → Read more...

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Positive & Negative Reviews
Review/Testimonial Comment
Great Service & Easy to use I'd definitely recommend people to use this fantastic service. Which comes with good customer service who are willing to help.
Shaon Uddin, Kneeton LTD, 17/01/2014
Whatever information given on this website is accurate. You get exactly what you read when you place your order.
Aghoghophia Abel, ElishaDebby LLP, 26/12/2013
I have just reserved a company name (New Model Research Ltd). It wasn't clear enough though at what point in the process I had to specify the company name I wanted to reserve. This resulted in unnecessary correspondence with your support team (though they were helpful).
Richard Hoskins, New Model Capital, 14/12/2013
Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear the process was not entirely clear. We will look at this and look at how we can improve the ordering process.
None, very easy experience. Have used other companies previously, much better experience.
Geoff Wordsworth, Happy Lawyer, 24/11/2013
Brilliant service!!!
Thomas Edward Shehu, Rozmanaria Limited, 23/11/2013
Not so clear on how you get domain name and email
John Simon Marritt, AdvocacyPlus, 22/11/2013
Swift and simple way to start your business
Rama, Anuram Global, 22/11/2013
Excellent services, better than what I expected. Please keep it up!
Fidelia Onwuemene, London Elite Property Finders Limited, 21/11/2013
Service is fine and easy to follow
Mike Tabernacle, MJT Business Consulting Limited, 21/11/2013
Very efficient, quick and easy.
Scott Temple-Farmer, TempleFarmer, 21/11/2013
Could not have been easier...
Registering a foreign company from Germany was scaring me a bit at first, but your process was so brilliantly simple and easy, it was done in a minute. Couldn't you guys take over our country's administration?
Jan-Christian Raskin, Kelapa Press Ltd, 20/11/2013
Make it easier to skip the offers for office space
Jack Elton, PRIDEBACK LIMITED, 19/11/2013
As I'm using the privacy option, I wasn't sure which address to put in the Service Address box? I have put the Privacy one...?
Cheryl Cranston, New Season Coaching and Consulting Ltd, 18/11/2013
Thank you for your comment. Yes that is the correct address to use.
Your website is easy to use and navigate, I found it very simple to set up my new company and good value for money
Adam Greaves, AJG Fabrications, 18/11/2013
Your website is easy to use and navigate, I found it very simple to set up my new company and good value for money
Adam Greaves, AJG Fabrications, 18/11/2013
I have seen that the certificates are extra cost. If these are needed by banks etc, they should be supplied as part of the basic package.
Mark Bryce, Mobius Continuity Solutions Ltd, 18/11/2013
Keep up the good work! Simply, a service second to none! Try to keeps costs low(er).
Was Bhatti, Arkwright Solicitors, 17/11/2013
Nothing to improve.
Marie Jones, Chemsure Ltd, 16/11/2013
I am a newbie, so it was more then enough informaton on website. But what I really loved is a simple short and clear information. No fluff. Everything short and straight on point. That saved a lot of time. Thank you!
Andrey, UniteFlow LTD, 16/11/2013
It would be good to move on to setting up the company first and then have all the products that you wish to add on, it's a liitle frustrating looking for the no thanks button at the bottom of the page. But apart from that a very quick and pleasant way to form a new company.
Ken Garane, Anderson Pierce & Co Ltd, 13/11/2013
Very good service, simple, fast, efficient. I highly recommend it.
Jess Miller, Apex Promotions Ltd., 13/11/2013
sometimes it feels there is information overload on the website and emails sent. A more steamlined presentation would help. Great service though I must say.
Lovejoy Manduku, Mandfar Ltd, 12/11/2013
I will recommend your company to friends
Salif Ouattara, Gorilla Energy Drink Co Ltd, 12/11/2013

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