Applying for a Company Grant

Applying for grants where your proposed project clearly does not meet the requirements laid down by the grant body is nearly always a fruitless task. Clear attention should therefore be paid to the allocation criterion which is usually quite lengthy and detailed.

Some primary questions which will need to be asked at the initial stages of seeking a grant are:

-   How much business and personal funds are you prepared to risk? 

- For what purpose is the grant sought? 

- Can the project wait until the grant is received? 

Basic details supporting a grant application will include:

- The main facets of the projects 

- Details of why the project will be useful and to whom

- A work schedule with detailed financing requirements

- Prior experience and knowledge of the area for both yourself and other key people who will work on the project. 

Fully completed submission documents

The services of an accountant may be useful in certain areas of the application. These areas could be financing projections, forecast modelling, cash flow requirements and so on.

It is paramount that submissions are complete and made before the stipulated deadline.

On receipt of your application those responsible for judging will evaluate the case you have put forward. Occasionally they may request additional information to support certain statements or projections contained in your submission so you should be prepared to provide this at short notice.


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