Company Dissolution

We can complete and file all of the necessary documentation to properly dissolve (close) your company.

What is company dissolution?

To dissolve (close) or ‘strike off’ your company is to remove it from the official Companies House register. When choosing to close (dissolve) your company, you have certain legal responsibilities to fulfil, our company dissolution service in the UK is here to help you prepare the dissolution form. 

Here at Companies MadeSimple, we are committed to making the process of dissolving your limited company stress-free, seamless, and efficient. We understand that the dissolution of a company can be demanding, which is why you can count on our company dissolution experts to assist you throughout the process. 

How It Works:

Easily dissolve your company online by following these steps:

  1. Place your order
  2. We’ll complete all of the necessary documentation in order to dissolve your company
  3. You will receive an email from Companies House (within 3-4 working days for the Standard Service and 24 hours for the Express Service - excluding weekends and Bank Holidays)
  4. When you receive your email: 
    1. Click on the URL link to sign into (or register) a Companies House account
    2. Once logged in you will be prompted to enter the Company Number and Authentication Code (which can be found on your account)
    3. You will be redirected to 'Sign the application' - tick the checkbox under the declaration and click on the green 'Sign the application' button
  5. Once completed, we will send the documents over to you and any other directors to sign
  6. Once returned, we will file the documents with Companies House on your behalf. 
  7. Companies House will email within 2 working days to confirm acceptance or rejection of the submission.

Are you the Director?

You must be a director of the company you wish to dissolve in order to use this service.


Are you the Director?

You must be a director of the company you wish to dissolve in order to use this service.

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A company can only file a dissolution request if:

- It has not traded within the last 3 months
- It has not changed company name within the last 3 months
- It is not subject to legal proceedings
- It has not made a disposal for value of property or rights

Company Dissolution is the official name Companies House have associated with closing down a limited company but you may also hear it be referred to as "Company closure", "striking-off" and "winding up" when describing the process.

Generally speaking it will take around 2 - 3 months for Companies House to officially close down a UK Limited company. 


Companies House will write to you directly once the dissolution application has been received, and again, when the company has officially been struck off. It can generally take around 2-3 months for Companies House to fully dissolve the company subject to workload and whether their is anything to investigate prior to closing.


On rare occassions, a company dissolution request may be rejected. If you have adopted our services we will inform you if this occurs with the reason. Common Rejections reasons include; Duplicate submission of the closure request, company name having changed within the last 3 months, and company is subject to legal proceedings. 

In this time, and immediately after Companies House receives the application, you will not be required to file anything else to Companies House, i.e. a Confirmation Statement or Annual Accounts. Please note that HMRC will not be informed about the dissolution process. Thus, we strongly advise you to contact your Local Tax Office as you may still need to file your last company Tax Return.

Once a company has been dissolved, it can be restored (within twenty years from the date it was dissolved) by the courts should there be reasonable grounds to do so.

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