How to Register for Companies House WebFiling


Last Updated: 21/08/2014

Once you have completed the company formation process with us your company is automatically registered Register for Companies House WebFilingfor Companies House WebFiling. You, however, are not yet registered for WebFiling.

To register yourself click here and choose the “Register” option. You then follow a three step process:

1. “Apply for a security code”

This first step just requires you to enter and then confirm your email address.

2. “Apply for an authentication code”

As part of the registration process Companies House want you to apply for an authentication code even though your company already has one. Go ahead and enter your Company information, when you click “continue” you will be directed onto step 3.

3. “Confirm your registration”

The first thing you will notice here is the following text “An authentication code will NOT be issued as a result of this application. An authentication code for xxxxxx already exists and was previously posted to the Registered Office Address”.

This is not a rejection note, simply ignore this and choose the “submit” option.

If you now check your emails you will find that the security code has been emailed to you. You can now “sign in” here.

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2 thoughts on “Do I need to live at or trade from the Registered Office?

  1. david greenaway

    I will be representing an italian company planning to expand their busines in the UK by registration of a UK ltd. company. Although they have not registered the company as yet, they have rented a serviced office from 1st November 2013. They may need to move location within the next few months so is it advisable for them to use this office address as the company’s registered address in the UK.
    Can you tell me if it is an easy matter, and are there costs involved in changing a registered company address.

  2. Mathew Aitken Post author

    Hi David,

    Changing the registered office is extremely simple (and the process of changing it is free). You can do this a number of ways:

    – File the AD01 document directly with Companies House (

    – Register here ( > Select “Import Company” > Enter your company number & authentication code > Select “My Companies” & click on your company name > Select “Update” next to “Registered Office” and enter the address

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if we can assist any further.

    Kind Regards

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