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New CMS Blog - Thoughts on Company Formation

Welcome to our new blog. have been forming companies online for over 5 years.  The people behind it, a group of accountants, company secretarial and IT professionals have between them hundreds of years of professional experience.  In particular, a number of the accountants have been forming companies and advising on limited companies generally, for more than 30 years.

Forming a new company, be it online, or by simply contacting a formation agent to do it on your behalf, is akin to the birth of a new baby.  In legal terms, it has a life of its own, but it has to be looked after, nurtured and worked on otherwise it can all go wrong.

However, giving your company the best start is also important.  Working with us and using our company formation system is one way to do that, but not the only way.  There are many good company formation agents around and we work quite closely with some of these and have done for many years.  However, there are also some who have no support systems, a lack of technical knowledge, and will not be able to help you in any way after the company has been formed.

We would love you to use our system to form your new company, but if you don’t, please make sure you choose a company who is reputable and not just the one with the best price or the flashiest code.

Anyway hopefully, you will return here to visit and read other posts and it you are on this site thinking about forming a new company – good luck.