Last updated Jul 17, 2024 and written by Aditi Mohan

Looking for a Workspace in London? Introducing Day Offices.

Day Offices are becoming more and more common in this age of hybrid work, they provide a workspace that you can hire out for anything from an hour to multiple days. These spaces are the perfect solution for those who work remotely but need a space for meetings, workshops or a change of scenery. Most day offices have great Wi-Fi, complimentary beverages and top-of-the-line equipment.

A day office has many uses, from home working staff or entrepreneurs who need a change of space, to a department looking for a out of office space for an away day. You can also you day offices to host meetings for clients and partners. 

Benefits of a Day Office  



One huge benefit of the day office compared to traditional offices is the flexibility. Day offices can be booked at any time which is great for those who require complete flexibility and find themselves in need of a desk and a quiet spot in a crunch. 

Quiet Workspaces 

Unlike working in a cafe, open workspace or a co-working space, you can guarantee that a day office will be a quiet space to work from. A day office provides you with a private space for yourself and your team. With this, you can limit distractions and help yourself focus on the task at hand.

Of course, if you are looking for some interaction with others, most day offices have communal spaces such as a kitchen or a lounge area, giving you the best of both worlds! 

Cost Effective

Day offices are a cost-effective solution for companies or entrepreneurs who need occasional office spaces. Compared to leasing a full office or even having a monthly co-working subscription, day offices can be the best option for your budget.


Productivity and Morale 

If you and your team primarily work from home or other spaces, you may see a few drops in productivity. An occasional office space can help you boost morale and productivity by encouraging your team to collaborate and experience a change of space together. 

Uses of a Day Office 

There are many uses for a day office, such as;  

  • As an alternative office space 
  • Hosting team away days 
  • Hosting department meetings 
  • Workshops 
  • Hosting client meetings 
  • Networking events 
  • Hosting seminars or talks 
  • And many more! 

Use our central London Day Office

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