Last updated Apr 03, 2024 and written by Lauren Felstead

Top 5 Marketing Tools for Startups

Startups face the unique challenge of translating passions and ideas into repeatable profits. If you want to scale your business successfully, you need systems that support your goals. The great news is that with today’s technology, you no longer have to rely on manual processes and spreadsheets as your business grows. There are many powerful tools available that offer agility-boosting features for a price that won’t break the marketing budget.

Here’s a closer look at the top 5 marketing tools that your startup company should (and can) invest in early on to support your business goals as your grow.



Hubspot is an all-inclusive software system that offers robust tools designed for marketing automation, including email and social media marketing, landing page creation, analytics, SEO, and content management. This system also boasts comprehensive lead management tools, which can help you not only gather and qualify leads but ensure you’re able to achieve optimal conversions as well. This suite of features is easy to integrate with CRM solutions to keep all of your contacts and efforts organised seamlessly.

Hubspot is a great option for startups because they offer a free version of their platform. You can try out tools and hone your marketing skills using the free version, and always have the option to upgrade to paid options as your business grows.


Robly is a great email marketing tool that can support both your internal and external email marketing, scheduling, and event planning needs. This system is user-friendly and affordable and offers a free trial of the software so you can make sure the tools all suit your business and budget perfectly.

One of the distinguishing features Robly has pioneered is OpenGen technology, which helps automate and perfect your email marketing campaigns. The system will send out your first email as is, and then automatically resend to unopens with different subject lines, 1-5 days later.


Emma is a great email marketing system for startups because it’s simple to learn and navigate, and provides a wide variety of email templates (in various industries) that you can tweak and try out to learn what works the best for your growing audience. You can also use Emma to begin creating newsletters to deliver information both internally and externally for your business.


Nurturing leads and caring for customers are a form of marketing in themselves. Your company must do both well to continue growing your brand and building profits. Intercom is heralded the marketing platform to use if your business is highly customer-centric but working with a small team. It’s ideal for startups because the tools are designed for very personalised and individualised care of leads and customers through live interaction via text and chat apps.


Video is a growing trend in all facets of business, and marketing is certainly no exception. Your startup should be equipped with a video tool such as Wistia so you can stay on trend as you grow your business.

Wistia makes it easy for you to upload and share videos internally for training and information purposes, but it can also be used in conjunction with your email marketing campaigns as well. You can create and upload video content, and then include it in your emails to increase engagement and drive brand recognition and conversions.

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