Last updated Apr 03, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

A quick guide to the Director’s Residential Address

During the limited company formation process you need to provide a number of different addresses:

  • Registered office
  • Shareholder address
  • Person with significant control address
  • Director’s service address
  • Director’s residential address

In this post we’re going to concentrate on the final address is this list; the director’s residential address. Whilst this is clearly where the director lives, there are still some important things that you should know about the address. Let’s get started.

It must be where the director lives
Regardless of where it is, the director’s residential address must be the director’s actual home address.

It is not on the public register, unless…
You are also using the residential address as the registered office (the official address for the company) and/or the director’s service address (the official business address for the director).

Despite it not being on the public register, some people do have access to it
The address is accessible to the police and certain credit reference agencies.

When appointing a director you may notice the Section 243 Exemption box
This is for people who have permission to withhold their residential address from the credit reference agencies mentioned above. One (admittedly extreme) example of someone who may qualify is a person in witness protection. To apply for a 243 exemption contact Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies. The 243 exemption box, pictured below, should only be ticked if the director has previously arranged their 243 exemption.

To change a director’s residential address…
You can complete and send the CH01 – Change of director’s details form to Companies House, make the change online with Companies House, or if your company is on our system – you can do it online with us:

  1. Login
  2. Select ‘My Companies’
  3. Click on the company name
  4. Scroll to ‘Directors’ and select ‘Edit’ next to the relevant director
  5. Update the residential address and then select ‘Save’ – the change is normally made within 3 working hours

That’s it – everything you need to know about the director’s residential address. We hope you find this post helpful. For more hints and tips about the company formation process and limited companies in general, take a look at our dedicated support portal.