Last updated Apr 03, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

I’ve formed a company, why am I now getting all this mail?

After forming a UK limited company you may notice that you start receiving mail at your registered office. Some of this is warranted; important mail from government bodies such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs for example. But some of it may be sales orientated or even fraudulent. So why does this occur?

First of all let us assure you that it’s nothing to do with us, as your company formation agent, selling on your data. We don’t do this.

The reason for this mail is simple. It’s because a limited company’s registered office is freely available for anyone to find on the public register. Some businesses take advantage of this and send out mailers (sometimes legitimate, sometimes illegitimate) to companies.

If you have doubts about any mail that you receive, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

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