Last updated Mar 18, 2024 and written by David Goulden

How Do I Change My Director Details?

One of the most common questions that we get at Company Formation MadeSimple is ‘How do I change my director details?’ It’s perfectly understandable that the details of your directors may change – this could be for a number of reasons, name change because of marriage for example. Whatever the reason, we want to show you how simple it is to change your director’s details.

The following information can be changed for company directors:

  • Name
  • Service address
  • Residential address
  • Nationality
  • Occupation
  • Country of residence

To make changes, if your company was formed with us (and so on our system):

  • Log in to your account using your username and password
  • In the section titled ‘My Companies’ click on the relevant company
  • Scroll to the section titled ‘Directors’
  • Click ‘Edit’ next to the relevant director

Make the necessary updates and select ‘Save’ – your request is then sent to Companies House where it’s normally accepted within 3 working hours

Even if you haven’t registered your company with us you can still use our admin portal. You can import a company over to your account (free of charge) and then change the director details from there. Here is how:

  • Log in to your account (or sign up) with your username and password
  • Select ‘Import a Company’
  • Enter the company number and the web filing authentication code – click ‘Import Company’
  • Your company will then be added to your account

We hope that you found this useful. For more information about how MadeSimple can help you #ChangeYourLife, take a look here.