Last updated Apr 11, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

Company Formation Update: Multiple Share Classes now available!

After receiving feedback from our customers we’re pleased to announce that you can now use multiple share classes when forming companies with us. In this post we’ll give you a step by step demonstration on how to do this.

When forming a new company you’ll find the option to change the default share class (‘Ordinary’) when adding your shareholder/s under the ‘Allotment of Shares’ section:



Select the ‘Change Share Class’ option, then choose the ‘Share Class’ you would like from the drop down menu – or select ‘Add New Share Class’ to create your own:



Update the ‘Voting Rights’ text if you need to:



Once done complete the remaining sections and then select ‘Continue’ to add another shareholder or to proceed with your company formation.

Please note that ‘Ordinary’ shares are suitable for the majority of companies. We recommend only changing the share class and voting rights if you’ve received professional advice or are a professional yourself. If you would like to change share class for an existing company you’ll need to do this directly with Companies House – our system will then sync up with Companies House and reflect the change when it has gone through.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have any questions about our company formation service or would like to share some feedback, please get in touch.  Or, if you’re ready to form a new company – get started now