Last updated Jul 05, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

What is: Registered Office, Service Address and Residential Address.

Last Updated: 26/02/2024

Registered Office Address Explained

This is the ‘official’ address of your business, it is the one to appear on your Companies House Register and is publicly available. It is compulsory to have a Registered Office Address. This is also the address of your official government correspondence. This means that all letters from HMRC, UK Courts, Companies House etc, will make their way to this address.

Following the recent Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, from March 4th 2024 this address may no longer be a PO box. The mail delivered to this address must be met with proof of delivery and acknowledgement.

Key Facts About the Registered Office Address:

  • It is the official address of your company 
  • It can be a residential address
  • Must be based in the UK 
  • The company does not need to be based/ trade from this address
  • It is compulsory 
  • It is available on the public register

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners chose to opt for a Registered Office service which allows them to use a proxy address in place of highlighting their residential address on Companies House. A registered Office service will forward all official communication to you and is compliant with the new changes at Companies House. 

Service Address Explained 

The service address is the official address for your company director held by Companies House. This address is compulsory and available on the public register. It is the address that Companies House and HMRC use to contact your director. Unlike the registered address this address can be based anywhere in the world. Similar to the registered office it can be a residential address too. 

Key Facts About the Service Address: 

  • The official address for your director
  • Can be a residential address
  • Can be based anywhere in the world 
  • The company does not have to be based / trade from here
  • It can be the same as your Registered Office address
  • It is available on the Public Register 
  • Compulsory 

Similar to a registered office, you can use a proxy address for your service address, as long as you make sure your mail is received and sent to you.

Residential Address Explained

The residential address refers to the residential address of your director. This is not available publicly unless you choose to use the same address as your registered office or service address. This address must be a home address, it can not include a PO Box, Unit or suite unless you can prove you live there. Similar to the other addresses, it is compulsory to provide Companies House with this address. 

Key Facts About the Residential Address

  • A residential address for your company’s director 
  • Must be a valid residence 
  • It can be your registered office address
  • It can be your service address 
  • It can be based anywhere in the world 
  • The company does not have to be based/trade from here
  • It is compulsory 
  • It is not public

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about addresses at Companies House.