Last updated Jul 09, 2024 and written by Aditi Mohan

3 Ways To Optimise TikTok for your Business

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms out there. With over 30 million daily users and a hyper-curated user algorithm, it’s a great place to promote your small business. 

However, getting started on TikTok can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the platform or any social media. In this blog post, we’ll go through three key tips on how to optimise TikTok for your small business.

Before beginning, you may want to claim your username, even if you are planning to start later. Just like making sure your business’ name is claimed and free for use before forming your company. 


1. Understand your audience, understand their trends.

The first question to ask yourself is, who is your audience, what kind of videos would pop up on their FYP (For You Page). TikTok curates a feed based on the user, this is why you might hear terms like ‘BookTok’ or ‘I’m on the F1 side of TikTok’. 

If your business sells high end scented candles, perhaps your audience is engaging with the ‘self-care’ side of TikTok. Once you’ve determined an audience, look at the kind of sounds and video formats trending under ‘Self-Care’ and start building a strategy from there. 


2. Consistency

TikTok is all about consistency. To optimise your TikTok account, you need to post often. This may sound daunting, but not every video has to be high quality or even clever. As long as you make use of sounds and trends, even a short 3-6 second video has the potential to reach thousands. 

Make sure your video content is relevant to your services or products, but have fun with it. The audience on TikTok do not require 4K, professionally lit videos, as long as you show authenticity and personality, your videos have the potential to go viral. 


3. Engage your audience

Engaging with your followers is a great way to optimise your TikTok account. When someone comments on your video, respond to them. If someone tags you in a post, thank them. By engaging with your followers, you’ll build a loyal fan base that will help promote your business. It is a great way to receive feedback on your products and services, conduct market research before launching and cultivate a loyal fanbase for your business. 

There are many ways to ensure the success of your business, by utilising TikTok you are sure to start your marketing plan on the right foot. Read our blog for more advice on how to create, own and operate a successful business.