Last updated Apr 22, 2024 and written by Aditi Mohan

News: Fee Changes at Companies House From May 1st

The ‘Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act’ introduced new laws in October 2023. The Act will allow UK authorities, such as Companies House, to widen their powers to better tackle organised crime and those seeking to misuse the UK’s open economy.

Since October, Companies House has been widening its powers to perform enhanced checks on who is creating a business and for what purpose. This means the process of forming a company will be different going forward.

From May 1st 2024, fees are rising at Companies House, consequently, our prices will also rise. This blog takes you through the price rise and how it will affect company formations going forward.

Companies House Fees: 


Why Have Companies MadeSimple Prices Gone Up?

From May 1st 2024, Companies House will be increasing their fees, for example, the cost per formation will rise by 400%.

Because our services include Companies House fees, we have no choice but to increase our prices in line with the increases imposed by Companies House. This is to cover our increased costs.  

Rest assured we continually evaluate our prices to ensure we deliver the best value for money and service levels.

What if I Purchase a Formation Package From You Before May 1st but Submit It After May 1st?

Any packages or services purchased before April 30th will be charged at the old price. However, if you submit your formation after 5 pm (BST) on April 30th 2024 your submission will incur an additional charge to cover the higher cost for us due to the new Companies House fees.

We recommend you purchase and submit your package or formation alongside all the necessary forms and required ID checks before the 30th of April to avoid this surcharge.

Will This Be the Final Change to Companies House Fees?

We may see another adjustment to the fees at Companies House as they begin implementing further measures from the ‘Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act’. However, Companies House review their fees annually, so we may not see any fee changes till next year.

Please refer back to our start-up hub or help and advice pages for up-to-date information regarding current and future changes.

Where Can I Learn More About the ’Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act?

You can find our explanation of the Act in our start-up hub or we recommend referring to Companies House and for more information.