Last updated Jul 10, 2024 and written by Aditi Mohan

10 unique Online-Only Side Hustles for 2024

As 2024 is just around the corner, why not make one of your resolutions this year to start a thriving side hustle. Thanks to the connectivity of the internet, you can find countless opportunities online to earn an extra income or start your own business! We know online businesses are a pretty popular option, so our blog lists fewer ‘odder’ side hustles which can help you tap into a niche market. 

1. Virtual Event Coordinator:

With the rise of virtual events, there’s a growing demand for skilled coordinators. If you have a knack for IT, and people’s needs and have a laptop to hand, being a virtual event coordinator could be right up your street. You can offer your expertise in planning and managing online conferences, webinars, and virtual meetups.

2. Online Language Tutoring:

 If you’re fluent in multiple languages, become an online language tutor. This is a particularly great idea if you’re a student or an expat from abroad. You can teach your native language, or a language you’re fluent in in one-to-one classes through online platforms. Platforms like Fiverr and Superprof connect language learners with tutors for one-on-one sessions.

3. Digital Products Reselling:

If you’re talented with graphic design or an ace at Canva you can create digital templates for things like CVs, Social Media template packs, or eBook templates and sell them on platforms such as Etsy or Creative Market. This side hustle requires minimal overhead and time and can be quite lucrative. 

4. Social Media Consultant for Niche Markets:

Maybe you have marketing experience, or you’re a social media native. If you are, you can consider specialising in providing social media consulting services for niche markets like pet owners, vintage collectors, or eco-friendly enthusiasts. Tailor your strategies to resonate with specific communities. You can come on board as a consultant and help a business set up a long-term special media strategy. 

5. Remote Fitness Coaching:

If you’re a certified fitness trainer, you can offer your services online. Conduct personalised workout sessions and provide nutritional guidance to clients from the comfort of your home. You can even offer free content on YouTube or TikTok to reach a wider audience and give potential clients a taste of your coaching. Alternatively, online coaching can apply to a lot of professions like dance, yoga or even life coaching! 

6. Digital Real Estate:

Invest in virtual real estate by buying and selling domain names, or flipping websites. With the right strategy, you can turn a profit in the ever-evolving online landscape. You can use tools like Google Trends to help you predict what kinds of website domains may be in demand. 

7. AI Chatbot Developer:

Learn the basics of chatbot development and offer customised solutions to businesses looking to enhance their customer support or automate certain processes. In a similar sense to a social media consultant, you can come into a business that wants to work with AI and want to train their workforce. 

8. Online Dating Profile Consultant:

If you have an eye for matchmaking and dating trends, you may enjoy being a dating profile consultant. You can help individuals create attractive and authentic online dating profiles. Offer advice on profile pictures, bios, and communication strategies to increase their chances of finding a match. You can market your business via social media, sites like Fiverr and the dating apps themselves. 

9. Online Editing and Writing Review:

Many authors seek out editors and reviewers to read and provide constructive critique for their writing. This is a perfect side hustle for those who love to read and have related degrees in writing or English. Secondly, you can also help people read and re-write AI-generated content to achieve a human-AI balance. You can advertise these services on Fiverr, UpWork or on social media. 

10. Virtual Interior Design Services:

Tap into the world of virtual interior design. Offer your expertise in creating digital mood boards, floor plans, and design recommendations to clients looking to enhance their living spaces. You can use sites like Pinterest to curate a style and personal mood board for your business and to show your clients what you can do for them. 

Other considerations 

Starting a side hustle requires a lot of dedication and initial time investment. However, the payoff can change your life. Many successful entrepreneurs began their businesses alongside full-time work and study. Why not take the same chance? 2024 could be the year you launched your successful venture and never looked back. 

Legal considerations of having a side hustle 

You may be wondering if there are any legal requirements before you can start a business. There are a few organisational structures to choose from before you begin. 

Sole trader vs Limited company

As a sole trader, you run your business as an individual. You and your business are considered one and the same, which means that you don’t have to create a separate legal entity for your business, as limited companies or partnerships do. This is where the good news comes in – sole traders are not required to register with Companies House!

Whereas, a limited company is a separate legal entity. This means you won’t be personally liable. Secondly, as a LTD your company’s name is protected, you will benefit from having a scalable business model and your company will have the added advantage of being credible. 

Before you begin, our start-up hub is full of great advice from how to file your taxes to how to start employing people.