Last updated Jul 17, 2024 and written by Aditi Mohan

How To Step Up Your Productivity Game Using Day Offices


Working from home has been a reality for small business owners long before the pandemic, however, at times it can be detrimental to productivity. It’s good practice to change your location when you feel burnt out or unproductive, sometimes a new environment can boost your work. However, it might be too noisy in a cafe, or too crowded in co-working spaces. Secondly, if you plan on meeting with clients it can come across as unprofessional to take a meeting from home. 

Enter Day Offices. If you only require a room every now and then, a day office is the perfect solution to boosting your productivity and giving you a clean, quiet and professional environment on an affordable basis.. 


What is a Day Office?

A day office is a flexible workspace solution that offers a private office space only for as long as needed while giving an extra boost of privacy over other shared office space options.

An adaptable, modern way of working, you only rent and occupy the space for as long as you and your team need, whether it is for your regular “in office days”, an occasional work together day or just as a one off. They also have many other uses: you can use them to host a client meeting, a team away day or even host seminars for your clients.

In the long run, a Day Office is an affordable solution for companies who need the use of semi-regular or occasional office space without renting out an office space full-time.

With a Day Office, there’s no need to worry about the additional costs when renting an office space, you have no need to worry about maintenance costs, insurance or utilities. Essentially, you get the benefits of a fully equipped office room for a fraction of the cost. A great solution for small businesses, or remote companies. 


How can I use a Day Office? 

As mentioned above there are many ways to use a day office but our favourite uses are:


1. As an office space

Need a semi-regular workspace? Or a change of scenery from your usual WFH set up? Why not book a day office Space, fully equipped with all everything you need. Most day offices will be supplied with pens, notepads, whiteboards and a large screen. It can be a great space to get your productivity flowing again. Works for solo entrepreneurs or for a team, whether you need a space for a day or two, or as a weekly occasion. 


2. Host your team’s away day

Change your team’s office routine and host a team meeting outside of the office. This can be particularly useful if you have a lot of content to get through. A change to the usual routine can feel invigorating and help create a good flow of communication and teamwork. 


3. Workshops, meetings and networking. 

If you haven’t got any adequate space or work from home, but want to host clients or your network for a meeting or event, a Day Office is the perfect solution. It gives your operations a professional feel and the room will come fully equipped for the event. Secondly, most Day Offices are well located allowing for ease of access for your client(s). 


Use our central London Day Office

Our state-of-the-art day offices are available for rental at competitive rates. Based in Central London, giving you the extra prestige of a central London office at a fraction of the cost. Secondly, our rooms are flexible in terms of booking and cancellations, allowing you total peace of mind and flexibility. 

Additionally, If you are a Companies Made Simple client why not host your clients in your registered office address? Adding an extra layer of professionalism to your business operations.  

Convinced of the uses of day offices? Book a room today!