Company Dissolution

Close (dissolve) your limited company.

What is a Company Dissolution?

If a limited company is no longer required, the directors can request that it be removed from the Companies House register. This process is known as a "Voluntary Company Dissolution".

What you get with the service:

We'll complete all of the necessary documentation to dissolve your company and then send the documents to you to be signed by the company directors. Once returned, we shall file the documents on your behalf.

Company Dissolution DS01

For those wanting to close or dissolve their company. There must be at least one director in order for us to prepare a dissolution form. N.B. This service can not be used to dissolve PLCs (Public Limited Companies).


Company Dissolution FAQs

Is the Companies House filing fee included in the price?


What happens once the DS01 has been submitted to Companies?

Companies House will write to you directly once the dissolution application has been received, and again, when the company has officially been struck off. It can take up to 6 months for Companies House to fully dissolve the company.

Can a company be restored once it has been dissolved?

Once a company has been dissolved, it can be restored (within twenty years from the date it was dissolved) by the courts should there be reasonable grounds to do so.

How many directors need to sign the document?

Over half of the directors in the company must sign the document. If the company has 2 directors then both must sign the document. It is mandatory to have at least one director in order to prepare the dissolution form.

Will I still need to file Annual Accounts and a Confirmation Statement whilst the company is in the process of dissolution?

In this time, and immediately after Companies House receives the application, you will not be required to file anything else to Companies House, i.e. a Confirmation Statement or Annual Accounts. Please note that HMRC will not be informed about the dissolution process. Thus, we strongly advise you to contact your Local Tax Office as you may still need to file your last company Tax Return.

Can all Limited Companies file a dissolution request?

No. A company can not file a dissolution request if:

  • It has traded within the last 3 months
  • It has changed company name within the last 3 months
  • It is subject to legal proceedings
  • It has made a disposal for value of property or rights

What other terms are used in place of "Company Dissolution"?

"Company closure", "striking-off" and "winding up" are all commonly used to define the process.

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