Company Name Change

Name changes can be submitted electronically!

A change of name occurs when a company decides to adopt a name which is different from its current registered name. For example, a company changing its name from J Smith Limited to John Smith Limited.

A change of name does not occur when a company decides to change its company formation status, such as from a public company to a private limited company. For example, J Smith Limited to J Smith PLC. This type of change is called re-registration and should not be confused with a standard change of name.

Nor is it a change of name if a company carries on business under a name that is not its registered name. However, the company must include its registered name on documents, websites and signs at its premises.

Company Name Change

Includes checking name availability and Companies House filing fee, certificate of name change and online filing.


Company Name Change (Guaranteed Same Day)

Includes checking name availability and Companies House filing fee, certificate of name change and online filing. Same day service is Monday to Friday only, and is guaranteed provided the submission is sent to Companies House before 2pm.


Company Name Change FAQs

What is the process?

Once you've placed your order you can submit the new company name electronically via your account. You will receive a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name once the new name has been accepted.

How do I know if my new company name is available?

We highly recommend that you check the availability of your new company name via our company name search tool before placing an order. If, however, the company name is submitted but not approved by Companies House, you can resubmit another company name at no additional fee.

What if my new company name contains a sensitive word?

If your new company name contains a sensitive word for example 'Britain', you will not be able to change the company name with online filing. Instead, you will need to use a paper submission along with the necessary supporting documents. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer assistance with paper submissions.

Will I receive a new Certificate of Incorporation stating the new company name?

As soon as Companies House has accepted the name change, the new company name is entered on the register in place of the old name and a 'Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name' is emailed to you. This certificate states both the previous and new company name and the date that the new name came into effect. The company number remains the same.

Who do I need to notify once the company name has been changed?

You will need to update HMRC with your new company name (Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE). You will also need to update your bank, customers, suppliers, service providers, relevant authorities and other business contacts. Finally, don't forget to update your company stationery, signage, website and domain name as well.

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