Fraud Protection

Combat company fraud by receiving an email alert whenever a change is made to your business, whether this was with your consent, or more critically, not.

Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, accept documents ‘on good faith’. This means a person can make changes to your business without your permission or knowledge.

With this service you’ll be notified as soon as a change takes place, allowing you to act swiftly to ensure no permanent damage is done.

Includes 3 company credit reports worth a combined value £14.97.

Fraud Protection

Get email alerts whenever a change is made to your company. Includes 3 company credit reports so you can check up on potential fraudulent activity.




Director and secretary appointments, resignations and edits


Registered office and service address


Annual account and confirmation statements

Fraud Protection Service FAQs

How does the Fraud Protection service work?

Whenever a change is made to your limited company we’ll email you a notification of that update. If the change was consensual, great, you’ve got email confirmation of that change. If however, it wasn’t consensual, you can report and deal with the fraudulent activity quickly to ensure minimal damage is done.

What changes will I be emailed about?

We’ll email you about:

  • Director appointments, resignations and edits
  • A change to the registered office
  • Share capital amendments
  • Change of company name
  • Filing of annual accounts and the confirmation statement
  • Company dissolution (closure)
  • And more

What are the 3 company credit reports for?

Company credit reports allow you to further investigate potential fraudulent activity. For example, if a director were appointed without your consent, a report would give you more information about that director.

As well is this, you can complete background checks on other companies, giving you an idea of how financially reliable they are. They’re perfect if you’re about to enter into a business relationship with another business, whether as a seller, customer or in a partnership. You can also look into your own company, checking up on your credit limit and seeing how others see you.

Is the Fraud Protection service renewable?

Yes, the service will automatically renew after one year (£4.99) unless you cancel before the renew date, which you’ll receive a notification of beforehand.