Keep your client’s home address private with our Privacy Service

Give your clients a prestigious London office and protect the privacy of their home address by using our address as the Registered Office and Director Service Address.

Only £49.99

Esteemed location

20 Wenlock Road in N1 London is minutes from Old Street, the heart of the UK’s startup scene.

No postage costs

We’ll scan and then email all official government mail for you to pass on to clients.

You're in safe hands

We're here for you; simply call, email, chat or tweet us and we’ll be happy to help.

Central London Registered Office & Director’s Service Address

Prestigious London Registered Office.

Your clients can impress their clients with our central London address. We scan and then email official government mail from Companies House & HMRC to you free of charge (whilst blocking all of the junk mail), you can then forward this on to your clients.

Director’s Service Address to keep the residential address private.

By using our central London Service Address you are withholding the residential addresses of all directors, shareholders, secretaries and people with significant control from the public register. Just like the Registered Office Service, we’ll scan and then email all official government mail (from Companies House & HMRC) free of charge.

Why choose our Privacy Package?

We are located in the heart of London’s Tech City

With London’s Tech City seen as one of the hottest startup postcodes in the world, your clients will be neighbours with the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Moo, Last.FM, TransferWise & Simply Business to name just a few.

Reduce Junk Mail

The Registered Office and Director’s Service Address are on the public register. This opens clients (or you, if you allow the use of your address) up to potentially masses of unsolicited (junk) mail. Our service acts as a filter so clients only get what is important.

Ideal for Overseas Clients

The Registered Office must be based in the UK. Avoid losing a client because you can’t (or are not willing to) provide a UK based address as the Registered Office.

Optional Annual Renewal

If you wish to continue using the Registered Office and Service Address after one year, this service has an optional annual renewal cost of £79.99.

Proof of ID

Proof of ID

We have a legal obligation to check Proof of ID and Proof of Address. This is to ensure we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) requirements. Please check this article to see which documents we can accept.

How it works

  • Select ‘buy now’ and complete our simple payment process
  • Link the Privacy service to an existing limited company (it doesn’t matter if the company wasn’t formed by us, you can import any company onto the system)
  • Change the company’s Registered Office and Director Service Address to our address via our online admin system. The purchase confirmation email will explain how to do this.
  • When the addresses have been changed we’ll scan and email all a company’s official government mail to you (not your client) free of charge
  • You have the option to renew the service after one year for just £29.99 plus VAT

Privacy Service FAQs

What is a Registered Office?

A registered office is the official address of a limited company. It must be a physical location in the United Kingdom at which official documents can be served. The registered office address need not be the company’s place of business. The address is on the public register, available for everyone to see.

What is a Service Address?

When a company is incorporated, the director and person with significant control must include their residential address and a service address. The service address will be on the public record at Companies House; the residential address will be protected information and is not available to the public (although it is available to some public authorities). Shareholders and secretaries only need to supply one address - a service address.

What will happen to mail delivered to 20 Wenlock Road?

All official government mail addressed to the company and director/s will be emailed and scanned to you. This includes mail from governing bodies such as Companies House, HM Revenue and Custom, Government Gateway etc. If you wish for your client to receive standard business mail, our company Virtual Office MadeSimple can provide this service from as little as £29.99 a month.

If a company has multiple directors/secretaries/shareholders, can I use the Service Address for all of them?

Yes. The service can be spread across multiple officers for no extra cost.

Once an address has appeared on the public register it can’t be removed. However, using our Registered Office and/or Service Address means any previously used addresses are harder to find.