SME Sector Obliged to Become Energy Efficient


Before the recession hit, UK enterprise was developing a distinctly green agenda; not only was it good PR for a company to have a clear environmental policy from the point of company formation and company registration, it was also financially beneficial.

However, as UK businesses began to feel the pressure of increasingly difficult market conditions, having a ‘Green Agenda’ was put on the back burner.

Indeed, a report conducted by energy providers ‘ENF Energy’ found that over fifty per cent of small company owners admitted to ignoring previous green initiatives throughout the recession. However, as the government announces its new CRC Energy Scheme, it seems that UK can no longer afford to ignore the environment.

Under new legislation, both public and private sector companies are required to report on every tonne of C02 they omit each year and could be obliged to pay up to five thousand pounds in fines if they fail to sign up to the scheme.


One thought on “High Street Company Formation Owners Need to Evolve

  1. Peter

    Regarding the sentence: “Town centres throughout the UK were in trouble long before the credit-crunch began to bite”

    I believe the credit-crunch was biting long before it had a name. Its more accurate to say “The credit crunch has been biting retailers for longer than many other industries”

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