Last updated Mar 18, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

How to automate the management of your company

Automation is integral to modern business. It’s a progression brought to us by the increasing technological efficiency of our time, and it’s reflected in business as well as in our personal lives.

If you have any kind of business, there is probably a lot you can do to automate certain processes – which will ultimately make those processes much more efficient. Automation is becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated with the advent of digital technologies.

It is a term that can be difficult to define, so what are some practical aspects of automation and what exactly does it entail?

What Exactly Is Automation?

When you think of the word ‘automation’ in regards to business, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it involved some kind of robot assembling an intricate device. In fact, if you were a car manufacturer that would probably be accurate.

However, robotics aren’t necessarily useful in many businesses. Automation in business more commonly features the following characteristics:

  • Reduced Process Time – Aspects of automation include any kind of software or other independent system that reduces the time it takes for a business cycle or process to be completed.
  • Workload Reduction – Systems that are put in place to reduce the workload are an important part of the concept of automation in business.
  • Eliminating Human Error – Human error can be costly, so processes that can be automated will often aim to reduce or eliminate the incidence of human error.

The prevalence of automation in business is on the increase as advancement in both the mechanical sense for manufacturers and the digital sense for other businesses is constant. Many businesses automate part or all of their processes via software and applications.

Process Automation Delivered With Cosec

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The fact of the matter is that wholesalers can benefit from automation when using Cosec. The benefits to process management delivered by Cosec are substantial. Cosec can help automate the following aspects of company management:

  • Director, Shareholder & Secretary Changes – When you make a change in Cosec, it’s automatically synced with companies house. This aspect of Cosec in automating the process of official filing is advantageous and can save significant amounts of time.
  • Company Documents – When dealing with company documents, it’s important to be accurate – and there is often a need for quick access. Cosec enables you to upload company documents directly to your account, meaning you can have all your documents for each individual company you manage in a convenient and sensible location.
  • Statutory Forms – Filling out forms is time consuming, but by having templates on hand you can minimise any time wasting and maximise efficiency.

Managing your processes effectively in business is crucial to success, and it’s a continuous process of refinement. Cosec is constantly being updated with new features, which makes it a powerful tool with future proofed features that adapt as time goes on.

Automation is an important aspect of efficiency, and with powerful tools like Cosec at your disposal it’s made much easier.