Last updated Apr 03, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

3 Reasons Why Company Formation Applications Get Rejected

Registering a limited company is extremely simple. However, sometimes applications are rejected by Companies House (don’t worry; if you are forming with us you can resubmit the application for no extra charge). Here are 3 of the most common reasons why applications tend to be rejected.

Company Name

There are certain rules and requirements that apply when registering a company name. These are the main restrictions:

Sensitive words; If your company name contains what is considered a ‘sensitive word’ (such as Group, International, Association) you must supply the relevant supporting document along with your application. Also, the name can not suggest any connection with Her Majesty’s Government or local authorities. For the full list of words (and criteria) please see here:

Sensitive words and expressions

Offensive; You will not be able to register a company name if it includes rude or offensive words in any shape or form.

Similar names; The company name must not be the same as or similar to a company that is already registered at Companies House (although there are some exceptions for companies within a group).

Registered Office

As you are forming a UK limited company, the registered office address must be in the UK. The address can be your business address, home address, your accountant’s address ; any physical address that you have permission to use.

The address must be situated in the country in which your company is registered. For example, if you wish to register your company in England and Wales, you must use an address in England in Wales. Once your company is registered in one country, you will not be able to change the registered office address to another country i.e. a company registered in England and Wales can not have a registered office address in Scotland. Take a look here for more information:

Company Formations in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

243 Exemption

The 243 exemption provides disclosure of the director’s information due to the nature of their business. This is to protect the safety of the director and those they live with. The S243 box can be found in the director’s section of the application, usually by the residential address. This box should only be ticked if you have this exemption from Companies House, if not, DO NOT TICK THE BOX.

There you have it; follow this advice and reduce the chances of your application being rejected! Remember – if you are registering your company with us and your application is rejected, you can resubmit the application for no extra charge.

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