Last updated Feb 28, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

8 Simple Steps: Forming your company, opening your Barclays Business Bank Account and claiming your £50 Cash back

Last Updated: 16/09/2014 

1. From Companies Made Simple, search for your company name and choose your formation package.

2. When at the Order Summary be sure to leave the “Barclays Bank Account” in your basket (it’s free!).

3. Make payment.

4. Just before you start the formation process you will automatically be directed to the “Barclays Banking Contact Details” page. Enter the details that you wish Barclays to contact you via.

5. Complete the company formation process.

6. Roughly 24 hours after the formation Barclays will send you an email stating that they will call you shortly in regards to arranging an appointment, they will also provide a phone number and email address if you’d rather contact them.

7. Attend the appointment and open your bank account!

8. Complete the online cash back form from here. We’ll then transfer the £50 cash back to you once the details have been verified with Barclays.