Last updated Feb 28, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

Did You Know That by Using Our Company Secretarial System, You Can Edit, Resign and Appoint Company Directors and Secretaries?

Last Updated: 12/09/2014

It is so simple to make these changes and the details are updated in as little as 3 hours.

Here’s how:

Your first step is to login to your account here. Select the company you wish to administer from the ‘My Companies’ list.

1) To Edit Director / Secretary Details:

This is useful especially if your director has changed their name or address. Please only use this feature if you are changing your current director’s personal details and not appointing a new director.

To change details, next to your director or secretary’s name click on ‘Edit’. You will then be able to make the required changes to the company officer’s name, address, nationality, residence or occupation. Once your changes have been made, scroll down and click on ‘Save’.

Your updated details will be sent to Companies House.

2) Resign your Director or Secretary

To the right of your director/secretary’s name, select ‘Resign’ to remove a company officer from your company. Once you have clicked on this option, a pop-up will ask you to confirm the resignation.

By selecting ‘OK’, your resignation request will be sent to Companies House.

3) Appoint a new Company Officer

To add a new director or secretary to your company, select the ‘Appoint New Director’ or ‘Appoint New Secretary’ option. Clicking on this option will open a new page in which you can input the new officer’s details.

Click on ‘Continue’ to send your details to Companies House

Tracking your amendments:

On your company details page, scroll down to ‘Request History’ to track the status of your requests. Your request will come back from Companies House as either ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’. If your status is ‘Reject’ you can use the view submissions button to find out the reason for the rejection.