Last updated Feb 28, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

I’ve Appointed a New Director for My Limited Company but Have Entered the Incorrect Date of Birth (DOB)! What Shall I Do?

Last Updated: 09/09/2014

Please note the following is for the appointment of a director once a company has been formed. A post dealing with the same situation but at incorporation shall be posted within the next few weeks.

To correct the date of birth for your director follow these steps:

1. Complete a new AP01 (Appointment of director) with the correct date of birth
2. Complete a RP04 (Second filing of a document previously delivered)
3. Submit the two documents together

Alternatively, using the Companies Made Simple system, you could resign the appointment with the incorrect date of birth and then re-appoint with the correct date of birth. Note that resignations will show on the company records if you use this method.