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Learning To Lead

When Martin Luther King uttered the infamous words ‘I have a dream’, not one person was left in doubt of his vision; it was an objective delivered profoundly and with complete conviction. While we are not suggesting that you expect the people who work for you to live and breathe your vision, it is vital that they share your passion. Leadership is a critical management skill and effective leaders are those who have the ability to communicate their vision and inspire their employees with the same enthusiasm they had at the beginning of the company formation process.   In this series of posts, we look at the importance of leadership in taking your business from company formation to successful SME.

The Right Person for the Job
When you start the company formation process, leadership is often fairly unstructured – roles are dynamic and hierarchy is un-defined. However, as your company begins to grow the role of leadership begins to evolve and many business owner/ managers begin to find their skills pushed to the limit. In this post we ask you to take an honest look at if you truly are the right person for the job.

The Evolving Role of Leadership.
In this post we look at the skills you need to develop to go from business founder to innovative leader.

Share and Share Alike – from formation to a fresh perspective
We take a look at the deconstructed role of ownership in a business. Will inviting members of your workforce, to become shareholders of your company, inspire loyalty and motivation or will it dilute your authority and lead to discontent?

Building Brand Values
We have all heard of the importance of positioning your company as a brand. We have read the theory of how it can boost sales and increase, margins. But is it really anything more than a marketing tool? We investigate how communicating your company’s brand values is one of the most important dimensions of leadership.

Those Who Start the Company Formation Process Together, Stay Together?
In this post we look at how effective leaders manage their boardroom and how to resolve disputes to ensure your company grows.

Lost your Motivation?
Every Entrepreneur sparkles with passion and drive at the start of the company formation process, however, as the late nights in the office and demands of the recession begin to take their toll, for some the enthusiasm that motivated them at the start becomes hard to maintain. In this post we investigate how to get your drive back.

The Art of Delegation
For many business owners learning to take a step back form their company is one of the most important leadership skills. Appreciating that you can’t do it all is a skill that must be learnt