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My Limited Company is Dormant. Who do I tell?

dormant companyLast Updated: 12/09/2014

If you have formed a Limited Company with the intention of keeping the company dormant, there are a few steps you need to adhere to in order to ensure dormant status (other than not trade of course).

1. A week or so after company formation HMRC will mail (to the Registered Office) the CT41G ‘Corporation Tax – Information for New Companies’ letter. Simply write to HMRC at the address provided at the top of the letter – telling them that your company is unlikely to start any business activity in the near future. 

2. As the first anniversary of your company formation approaches, Companies House will send mail (again, to the Registered Office) notifying you that your Annual Return need to be filed. Even though your company is dormant, you must still file an Annual Return.

Annual Return Service

3. 21 months after the company formation you will need to file Company Accounts. Again, Companies House will mail you as the due date approaches. To notify Companies House that your company is dormant you need to file a type of accounts called Dormant Company Accounts with Companies House.

Dormant Company Accounts Service

Remember, Annual Returns and Annual Accounts are annual filing obligations so steps 2 and 3 must be repeated.

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