Last updated Feb 26, 2024 and written by David Goulden

How can a Registered Office Service keep your home address private?

The company formation arena is one that’s full of jargon. Here at Companies MadeSimple we like to explain what some of these key company terms mean and look at how you can benefit from understanding the details.

One of the most significant things that you will need to be aware of is the registered office – this is vital to know as it has potential ramifications for your privacy. This blog will explain what a registered office is and look at how our service can help you. 

What is a registered office?

This is essentially the official address of a limited company. It is the address at which your business will receive statutory mail from government bodies such as HMRC and Companies House. It does not need to be your actual place of work, but it does need to be a physical address that’s based in the United Kingdom. Finally, and crucially, it is on the public register meaning anyone can find it out free of charge.

How can I protect my residential address from the public register?

As your registered office information is open to the public, this can lead to issues of privacy arising. For example, you may work from home and not have access to another address to use as the registered office, forcing you to make your residential address your registered office. Further issues could arise if you happen to rent a property, as you will need to seek permission from your landlord to use the address as a registered office.

We have a solution to this problem – our very own London Registered Office Service. Here’s how it works and some benefits to using it:

  • By purchasing the service we give you permission to use our N1 London address as your registered office. This will go some way in keeping your home address off the public register (the director’s service address is on the public register too, see here for information on our Service Address Service).
  • Your company will be registered in the thriving postcode of N1. One of the largest startup hubs in Europe – which will give a great impression to your customers, potential new leads and existing contacts. For more information on this area, see here.
  • Any unsolicited junk mail will be filtered by us. You will only receive the important government mail that’s sent to the registered office (we’ll forward this on to you free of charge).