Last updated Apr 03, 2024 and written by Lauren Felstead

Can I use your 20 Wenlock Road address for my company?

Starting a new business is daunting enough without worrying about your home address appearing on the public register for your company, which it will if you use it as your company’s registered office address.

Luckily, we do offer a Registered Office Service that enables you to use our 20-22 Wenlock Road address as the registered office. It’s perfect for protecting your privacy whilst also giving a great impression to your business contacts…

Not sure if this service is for you? We’ve answered a few common questions to put your mind at ease…

How does the service work?

If you’ve never used our Registered Office Service before, you will first need to make sure your company is on our system, but it’s easy to import. When you have purchased the service you will need to change your address to ours (20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU). Remember to do this for the Directors/Secretary if you have purchased a Service Address too.  

What about my mail?

Don’t worry, we’ll securely open and scan your important official mail – and we’ll even get rid of unsolicited junk mail for you! If you’re looking to receive ‘normal’ mail we do offer a separate service for this too.

It’s important to remember that whilst the Registered Office address will be our London address, your business won’t physically be based here (wherever you conduct business will be your actual trading address). But it’s fine to use a trusted address to protect your private address from public records. 

Why should I use your Registered Office Service?

Apart from keeping your home address private, there are great advantages business-wise for your business to be registered in the N1 postcode.

We’re minutes from  Silicon Roundabout, a location renowned for the UK’s startup boom, in particular, new businesses in the startup industry…

Plus, you’ll be in good company when based at Wenlock Road – Google Campus and Tech Hub are pretty much neighbours! Scope out the area here.

What’s in the local area?

There’s plenty on our doorstep if you’re looking for places to eat and drink, with Aquila Cafe, The Royal Star, Sardine, The Eagle, Boondocks, William IV being close by.  If you fancy a short walk, you’ve got a choice of Shoreditch, Angel or the fantastic Whitecross Market.

If you’re looking to visit somewhere a bit different, why not try Bounce, Bar Kick or Escape Rooms?

Is there a way that I can meet my clients at your address?

As we mentioned, your business won’t be based at our address, however, we do offer meeting rooms which you can hire – get in contact to book. We also have a coworking space if you want to work in London regularly, with the option of hot-desking and fixed desks (and private offices). We’d be more than happy to discuss your meeting room/coworking needs if you’d like to get in touch.

There’s no better time to have a London address for your company! Join the startup buzz and register your company in a dynamic location known for its business talent, with the added bonus of impressing clients!