February 2013

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Every new business starts with a dream, but why do some of those dreams come true and others turn into nightmares? Our new 'Real business' series features British entrepreneurs and their honest, real-life accounts of being a business owner. Detailing the highs, the lows and the secrets of turning a start-up into a successful business, these are 'must read' case studies for anyone interested in being their own boss.

If you are a business owner with an interesting story, please get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

Made Simple Group at the Movies

And the Oscar goes to...

Admit it, you've shouted "Show me the money!" when you've just pulled off a great deal. We all love films that glamorise the world of business and with the Oscars almost upon us, we asked our Twitter and Facebook fans to let us know their favourite. We compiled a list of the best, including inspiring real-life stories, off-the-wall comedies and dark and disturbing classics.

To see our list of films and choose your number one, grab the popcorn and click here.

Find new customers with Google AdWords

Find new customers online with Google

If the thought of PPC makes you P-P-Panic, let us help! Business Training Made Simple's recent blog post offers you a handy glossary to help make sense of key AdWords terms. Plus, if you are new to Google AdWords, our partnership with Google makes it easier than ever to set up an account. Simply call one of our Google representatives or follow our step by step guide and grow your business instantly.

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Like our Facebook page

Things have been changing on our Facebook page

You can still get the latest news, offers and information. You can still post your queries and conundrums, or just 'like' our jokes and behind the scenes pictures. But now, we're delighted to announce that you will also find content from our training company, Business Training Made Simple. For example, on our page you will see there are still places on our upcoming Blogging for Business, Twitter and Google Analytics courses. To book a place on a course, click here.

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