Where is my Certificate of Incorporation?


All limited companies formed with us are provided with a digital version of the certificate of incorporation (think of it as a company’s birth certificate) that is available to view and download as soon as the company has been formed. In this post we’ll look at how you can download yours. Continue reading

UK Limited Company Formation really does mean UK


Do you want to form a Scottish company? Or perhaps a Northern Irish company? Maybe a Welsh or English company? Whatever part of the UK you want to form a company in, we can help. We’ll explain how in this post.

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The Registered Office: Your questions answered

Offshore company formation - how to decide whether you need to incorporate abroad

At Company Formation MadeSimple we get many queries regarding certain terms and phrasings, in particular, to do with the registered office; a limited company’s official address at Companies House (the UK’s registrar of companies). In this post, we will look at and answer some of these common questions. Continue reading

7 stressbusting tips for the small business owner – a MadeSimple infographic


Running a business can be extremely rewarding but unsurprisingly, rather stressful too. To help all you business owners out there, and anyone else for that matter, combat stress – we’ve created this ‘7 stressbusting tips for the small business owner’ infographic. We hope you find it useful. Continue reading

Startup Story with Matt Lane, founder of BeerBods


The UK is full of people with a passion for beer, but not all these people turn this passion into a business. That’s exactly what Matt Lane did in 2012 when he turned his 14-year love affair with beer into beer subscription service, BeerBods. Since 2012 the company has gone from strength to strength – even setting crowd-funding records in 2014.  “BeerBods is now four people, two dogs and three thousand subscribers”. Matt was kind enough to take time out from his busy schedule to chat with us a few weeks ago.

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FreeAgent unveils the secret to getting paid three times quicker

Get-Paid---FreeAgent (1)

Whether its clients “forgetting” to pay, stalling for time before settling their bill – or sometimes just deciding not to pay you at all – having to chase up money that’s rightfully yours is frustrating and time-consuming. And the problem of late payment is more widespread than you might think – the UK government estimates that small firms are currently owed around £26bn in late payments, while the process of chasing debts costs these businesses millions of pounds more. Continue reading

Business lessons to learn from Frank Underwood

Business lessons to learn from Frank Underwood

Here at MadeSimple we are big fans of the the Netflix sensation House of Cards – which has just seen its fourth season released. It’s a fantastic show full of political intrigue, deception and scheming – starring Kevin Spacey as the ruthless politician Frank Underwood. Continue reading

Discontinuing our old company formation white label service

We are discontinuing our old Our company formation service rebranded as your own.white label service. You are only affected if you are using the version that is embedded via an <iframe> (pictured below). If this affects you please read on to find out more information, including why it’s being discontinued and what your options are (spoiler: there’s an affiliate program, or we have a newer company formation white label which isn’t going anywhere).


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How Small Businesses Can Learn From The Rise Of Leicester City

5 Ways Your Business Can Learn From The Rise Of Leicester City

We could be about to witness one of the most famous sporting upsets of all time (really) as small provincial club Leicester City – who last year were battling relegation – find themselves top of the Premier League going into the final few weeks of the season. Continue reading