Does your marketing need a spring clean?

Like a house, a business can accrue junk over time. Especially when it comes to marketing. In this post we look at the importance of focusing on what’s working, clearing out the junk and keeping your marketing fresh. Continue reading

Don’t miss out! Join our London coworking space for £30 a month

Looking to work in a professional office environment for a few days a month? From now until 3rd April 2017 we’re giving you the chance to become a member of Work Hub MadeSimple – our London coworking space – for only £30 a month. Continue reading

What are corporate appointments?

All UK limited companies must have at least one director, one shareholder and one person with significant control (PSC). All these roles can be taken by one person, however – as well being able to appoint other people, you can also appoint other companies in roles too. These are called corporate appointments. Continue reading

I’ve formed a company, why am I now getting all this mail?

limited company mail

After forming a UK limited company you may notice that you start receiving mail at your registered office. Some of this is warranted; important mail from government bodies such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs for example. But some of it may be sales orientated or even fraudulent. So why does this occur? Continue reading

MadeSimple’s favourite books about business

To celebrate World Book Day we asked our team to share their favourite books about business . Here you’ll find books to inspire, books to educate and some books to simply enjoy (links with the business world are sometimes tenuous!). Take a look at our list and then share your favourites on Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

Protecting your property: An introduction to trademarking

Incorporating a limited company is one of the most effective ways of securing your business name. It means that nobody else can register a company using that witty name you’ve been sitting on for years before you’ve had a chance to get things off the ground. But it’s a common misconception that registering a name with Companies House brings with it all worldly rights to the name. Continue reading

7 ways working from home is overrated – a MadeSimple infographic

Convention would have you believe that working from home is amazing. Well, we’ve got news for you. It’s not. We’ve created this infographic to highlight everything that’s wrong with home working. From the inconvenience of video meetings to piling on the pounds. Take a look and then find out how we can help you beat the home worker blues. Continue reading

How your Fraud Protection Service works

When forming your company with us you will notice an optional extra on the basket page; a Fraud Protection service. In this post we’re going to explain how the service works and ultimately, how it protects you and your business from becoming a victim of fraudulent activity. Continue reading

Why small businesses need to knock down barriers

Whichever way you voted on the Brexit issue and however strongly you feel about it, the one thing that seems pretty clear is that the task facing this and successive governments is challenging to say the least. Much of what has to be done is completely uncharted territory. None of our leaders will have much if any experience in this. The same can be said for many people starting their own small business. Continue reading