Last updated Mar 18, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

How to change a Director's name if they get married

A common issue is changing the name of your directors – this might be because they have got married, or they’ve changed their title. Either way, it’s a simple adjustment using our ICAEW accredited software.

Why Is This Useful?

Changing a company director is useful because it allows you to update the records within just 3 hours. There are many reasons for a change in director, or a change in name, and by keeping the most accurate and up to date records with Companies House you can deliver a better service to your clients.

Tutorial – Changing Company Director Names

If you run any kind of accountancy business, odds are you have to manage a fair few companies – this can add an extra layer of complexity at times, but there should be no issues using this simple tutorial.

The simple and intuitive interface for our wholesale customers allows changes to be made very easily. The first thing you’re going to want to do is login to your account.

1. Simply click the ‘Login’ button at the top right hand side of the ‘Homepage’.


2. You will now arrive at your ‘Dashboard’. This is the place where you can do anything necessary to effectively manage your companies.Dashboard

3. You will then need to click on the ‘My Companies’ button, this will take you to a list of the companies registered on your account.

.My Companies

4. You will now see a list of all the companies in your account. This will show all of them, which may be just a few or could be a great many depending on the number of clients you have. Scroll down and look at the column which says ‘Company Name’ and click the company you wish to modify.

Choose a company name

5. You will be taken to a summary of the incorporation details for the company. This includes information on Registered address,  Directors, Shareholders and Secretaries. Scroll down to the ‘Directors’ section and click the ‘Edit’ button.Click edit

6. You will now see all the director details, including things like title, first name, last name, birthdate and address information. You can click on the ‘Change’ checkbox and edit the details as required.

Edit details

7. From here, simply scroll down and click ‘Save’ – the changes will be registered on Companies House.


8. That’s it – you have successfully changed the name of the director for the company you are managing. Your changes will be completed within 3 working hours.

N.B. Changing the name of a company Director is not the same process as adding a new Director or replacing one. You can not add/remove a Director by changing their name in the system. If you want to do this, see this blog post for more information ‘The Director: Appoint, Resign & Edit‘.

Professional Company Formation & Administration

Our software is an incredibly versatile way of managing your companies. By having all of the details that you need in a single centralised location, you can more easily make additions or changes.

Being synced with Companies House means that any changes you make will be automatically registered in the fastest possible time, so you can breath easy in the knowledge that you have a fast and smooth service delivered to your clients.

There is always a simple way to do things using the web based software of Companies MadeSimple, but when you have a large amount of companies to manage for clients – you’re going to want to make sure you get it absolutely spot on every time to deliver great service.

Did you find this useful? There are many other tips and guides on our blog. So be sure to check back there for all the latest. For more like this, make sure you see the ‘Wholesale Companies’ section.