Last updated Jul 16, 2024 and written by Tom Richardson

What is the Companies House PROOF service?

The PROOF (PROtected Online Filing) scheme is a free service provided by Companies House that helps protect your company from fraud.

Registering your company for PROOF means that Companies House stop accepting paper forms (appointment changes, change of registered office, company name change etc) for your company. Everything must be filed online.

Companies House currently operate an “in good faith” rule with paper forms, therefore signatures are not thoroughly checked. Obviously this is dangerous as potentially anyone can make changes to your company.

How to Register for PROOF

– If you have not already done so register for Companies House WebFiling (here’s how to register for WebFiling)

– Enter the company number and WebFiling Authentication code of the company that you want to sign up for (if you have multiple companies, you will need to register separately for each)

– Select ‘Join PROOF’:


– Agree to the terms and conditions and click the ‘Protect this company’ button: