Last updated Dec 13, 2023 and written by Peter Mcilhone

What post will you forward on with my service?

We offer a whole range of postage services. Because of this, it’s important that you know exactly what mail is included in each service. Let’s get started:

Registered Office

The registered office service is included in our Privacy, Comprehensive and Ultimate company registration packages and can also be bought at a reduced rate of £19.99 with our Basic and Printed packages. This service is predominantly used to keep your home address private, as the registered office for a company will be displayed on the Companies House website.

Government bodies such as HMRC and Companies House send mail (known as *statutory mail) to the company’s registered office address. This means that if you are using our registered office service, they will send the mail to us; we will then send this onto you. There is no extra charge for the forwarding of this mail and we forward to anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can come and collect your post from the office.

See here for more information on the registered office service.

Service Address

The service address service, like the registered office service, is included in our Privacy, Comprehensive and Ultimate formation packages. Company directors need to provide a service address to Companies House; this can be a residential address. However, because it’s on the public register many directors often choose to use an alternative address.

Government bodies send mail for the directors of a company to the service address. If you have the service address service, we will send this onto you. Again there is no extra charge for this and we forward to anywhere in the world. You can also collect your post from the office if you wish.

See here for more information on the services address service.

Virtual Office Mail Forwarding

So what about your standard and business mail? Well we can help with this too via our Virtual Office Mail Forwarding services (please note that the Mail Box Basic package is included in our Ultimate package). With these services we will process and send out all non statutory post for your company.

There is a monthly fee (or yearly, it’s up to you) for these services. All accounts are set up with a £20 postage deposit, we use this deposit to charge a 10p handling fee per item and the cost of forwarding each item on. When the deposit runs low, another deposit payment is required.

*Statutory mail includes…

  • Companies House
  • Department of working pensions (DWP)
  • Financial Service Authorities (FSA)
  • Government Gateway
  • HMRC
  • Inland Revenue
  • Information Commissioner Office
  • Intellectual Property Office
  • Local council
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Office of National Statistics
  • Tribunal services (SSCSA)

Now you know about the different postage services that are on offer! If you have any questions please contact the team by phone, email or live chat.