International Package

All the essentials you need to form a UK Limited company, including maintenance services and international mail forwarding.


What's included:

Limited company formed online and ready to trade in as little as 3 working hours

Submit your details online and you could be trading within 3 working hours (subject to Companies House workload and operating hours).

TransferWise borderless account

A multi-currency account to send and receive money around the world, perfect if you’re not in the UK and need access to UK bank details.

Digital copies of your official company documents

Once incorporated, we’ll email you all the important stuff; Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Share Certificates and your Companies House WebFiling Authentication Code.

Free 24/7 Company Support

Got a question about your company? Whether it's before, during or after the incorporation process, we're here to help at all times. Just call, email or chat with us, our UK-based support centre is open 24/7.

No Complicated Paperwork to Complete

Just a simple, online process to form your company. In as little as 5 minutes, you can complete the step by step application that guides you through the required company, director and shareholder information.

Online Admin Portal to Manage Your Companies

Avoid late filing penalties with email reminders of key dates. Access your company’s documents anytime. Easy management of company, directors and shareholder information.

No Hidden Extras or Surprise Costs

No surprises here, even the Companies House £10 registration fee is already included in the price.

Printed Share Certificates

We’ll immediately send you a hard copy of this legal document which certifies ownership within a limited company.

Maintenance of Statutory Books

This is a secure, digital record of your company details. Save on accountancy fees and use our system to quickly update your company’s information.

Printed Certificate of Incorporation

A printed copy is often required by banks when opening a business bank account. The certificate is printed on Companies House approved paper, equivalent of a birth certificate for your company.

First Year’s Confirmation Statement Filed for You

Keep compliant with Companies House by having our experts accurately prepare and submit your first year’s Confirmation Statement on time (previously known as an Annual Return).

Prestigious Central London Registered Office address

  • Registered Office addresses must be in the UK. If you’re an overseas customer and don’t have a UK address, then use ours.
  • Impress your clients with our Central London address.
  • We'll scan and then email your official government mail (from Companies House & HMRC) free of charge, whilst blocking junk mail - there's lots of it!

Service Address to Keep Your Residential Address Private

  • Use our Central London address for all directors, shareholders and company secretaries who want to keep their residential address confidential and off the Companies House public register.
  • We'll scan and then email your official government mail (from Companies House & HMRC) free of charge.

International Mail Forwarding

Use our London N1 address as your virtual office for credibility, privacy and a UK based trading address. All business mail will be sent to you via Royal Mail with forwarding costs deducted from a £20 deposit you can top up at any time.

Worldwide Courier Delivery

We'll send your incorporation documents (Certificate of Incorporation and Share Certificates) via international tracked mail.

Optional International Package Renewal

If you wish to continue to use our Registered Office, Service Address and also want us to prepare and file your Confirmation Statement, the international packages have an annual renewal fee of £99.99 plus VAT. More information about the international renewal

Please note, the Mail Forwarding service is not included as part of this renewal and can be renewed via your London Presence account. The service is provided by our sister company, Virtual Office MadeSimple, and you will receive an email from your Virtual Office account before the service is due to expire. All you need to do is log in to your mail forwarding account to make the renewal payment.


International Package FAQs

Can I set up a UK limited company if I live outside of the UK and if I’m not a UK national?

Yes and yes, just as long as you are 16 or over and not currently declared bankrupt. Your company however, will require a UK Registered Office address.

Is there a renewal fee for this package?

Yes, if you wish to continue to use our Registered Office and Service Address and also want us to prepare and file your Confirmation Statement then this package has a (yearly) renewal fee of £99.99 plus VAT. The Mail Forwarding service is not included as part of this renewal and can be renewed separately.

What is the Registered Office?

This is the official address for your company and where official mail from Companies House and HMRC will be sent. Your company does not need to be based at or trade from this address. The only requirement is that any official mail that is delivered onto the address is then forwarded onto the company director/s.

What if I do not have an address that I can use for the Registered Office?

This package includes our Registered Office Service; this means that you can use our London address as your company’s Registered Office. Any Companies House or HMRC mail that we receive is scanned and emailed straight to you to avoid any delays.

What is a Service Address?

When a company is incorporated, a director must include their residential address and a service address. The service address will be on the public record at Companies House; the residential address will be protected information and is not available to the public (although it is available to some public authorities). Shareholders and secretaries only need to supply one address - a service address.

What if non HMRC / Companies House mail is sent to the Registered Office?

This package also includes our Mail Forwarding Service. This means that we will forward on any other mail that we receive for you or your company, wherever you are in the World, via Royal Mail. The cost of forwarding your mail will be taken from a £20 postage deposit this is included in the package price. When this runs out we will ask you to top it up.

What if I don’t want to use the Registered Office or Mail Forwarding Service?

That’s absolutely fine – there is no obligation to use these services. Please note that price of the package will remain the same though.

How much does it cost to get the TransferWise borderless account?

It’s totally free to set up your borderless account and there are no monthly fees. It’s free to activate your international account details for the UK, US, Eurozone and Australia and you can hold over 40 currencies. The only fee is a small, upfront fee on the total value of a transfer when you convert between currencies, starting from 0.35% + £0.80 for GBP conversions.

How does the borderless account work?

First you'll need to create a free account with our partner TransferWise. The account will need to be verified by uploading your company details (Companies House registered number and business proof of address) and ID. Once verified, you can select the currency account you wish to activate and you’ll receive unique account details for the UK, US, Eurozone and Australia. After that, simply add money to your borderless account via debit card or bank transfer. For more information on the borderless account, view our support article here.

Am I guaranteed a TransferWise borderless account?

Unfortunately, access to borderless account details are not available in certain countries or US states. For a list of countries where TransferWise is not available and to check if you’re eligible, view our support article here.

Is the TransferWise borderless account a bank account?

The TransferWise borderless account is an Electronic Money account and is different from a bank account. The great thing about the account is that you can use it like a bank account in many cases, such as making payments to other business accounts and receiving payments from clients. For more information on the account, view our support article here.

Does a Limited Company have any filing obligations?

Yes, a limited company must file Confirmation Statements and annual accounts on a yearly basis. Annual accounts deal with company finances. If at the time of filing annual accounts your company has never traded, we do offer a dormant company accounts service. If your company has traded, we recommend speaking to an accountant. Our tax and banking partners offer online accountancy services and can discuss your requirements.

What is a Confirmation Statement?

A Confirmation Statement is a snapshot of general information about a company's directors, secretary (where one has been appointed), registered office address, shareholders and share capital. Every company must file a Confirmation Statement to Companies House at least once every 12 months. Our International package includes the preparation and filing of your first Confirmation Statement.

How do I receive my incorporation documents?

Once your company has been incorporated please let us know (via [email protected]) if you would like your documents posted and confirm the delivery address. We will then post these documents to you via international tracked mail, regardless of where you live.

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